Happily Ever After Part 2 - Terms And Conditions

October 15, 2017

Happily Ever After Part 2 - We start learning at an early age the importance of keeping things fair. We expect our siblings to help clean up. We want our friends to do their part on the school project. These are the terms and conditions we bring into our relationships: “I’ll only do something, if the other person does.” We want things to be fair. We want 50/50. But that won’t get us happily ever after. Paul gives us a radical teaching on how we can make the other person more important. How we can humbly put their interests ahead of our own. We can only understand what Paul is saying when we see that this is why Jesus came to earth to save us. His love moves us to love differently, and agree to a new set of terms and conditions. 


Happily Ever After Part 1 - Enchanted

October 8, 2017

We live in a world where happily ever after doesn’t seem possible. The odds are stacked against us. What we’ve seen and felt growing up, makes us ill-equipped to stay committed to one single person. Culture tells us that if we don’t feel love anymore, we must have chose wrong and have to try again. Jesus offers something different. What he taught almost 2,000 years ago seems too simple to be true. But if we could understand what He said, we will begin building a solid foundation to reach happily ever after.


Show Us Jesus

October 1, 2017

Have you ever been annoyed when you have a conversation about Jesus? If you are a Christian, you most likely want the people you are talking with to notice Jesus, and believe in Him like you do. But if that does not happen, you get frustrated. And if you are not a Christian, you are frustrated, because you would love to notice Jesus, and possibly even believe in Him, but you can’t seem to see Him in the world around you. Why? Imagine being able to notice Jesus, without frustration. What if the reason why people can’t notice Jesus is because we are trying to get them to notice someone else? Today we discover this one step that we can all take, whether we believe in Jesus or not, that will amaze the people in our lives.


A Well Balanced Life Part 4 - Friends For Life

September 24, 2017

A Well Balanced Life Part 4 - We’ve all experienced loneliness on some level before. It’s inevitable. In 2017 we are connected to more people than ever before, and there is still this craving for relationships. Why? Would you believe that God is the One to blame for your need to be in community with other people? Since God is the One who made you to want other people, He has to be the One to bring you into healthy, horizontal relationships. Discover that isolation is not good, and that there is a community of people for you to connect to.


A Well Balanced Life Part 3 - The Necessary No

September 17, 2017

A Well Balanced Life Part 3 - The word “no” has the power to tempt us like no other word. Something wells up inside of us when we are told not to do something. We’ve come to believe as a society that restraint and constraint are the enemies to our best life. When you consider the word no, do you think of freedom or slavery? God has created you to get the most out of life by embracing the necessary no.


A Well Balanced Life Part 2 - Best Job Ever

September 10, 2017

A Well Balanced Life Part 2 - Work is part of life. None of us can deny that. When we consider getting the most out of life, we may find ourselves enduring our jobs, or adoring our jobs. Is work your enemy? Or is it your savior? In both of those views, we are hoping to find joy in our role. God has a better way: To discover that joy is in the responsibility. Imagine being able to find joy whether you are working your dream job or not. That is the balanced way of living that God has for you!


A Well Balanced Life Part 1 - Take A Nap

September 3, 2017

A Well Balanced Life Part 1 - We are convinced that busy is best. Telling another person that your life is filled with rest seems impossible. We are so caught up doing life, that we aren’t stopping to enjoy life. The first element that God gave humanity was REST.  Jesus wants you to enjoy food and friends! Does that sound crazy? Today we discover how important rest is, and how we can violate the cultural expectation of full calendars and busy schedules.


James Part 12 - How To Pray Together

August 27, 2017

James Part 12 - Christians, we have the privilege of creating a culture that helps confession and healing. Are we hindering those things? The unrighteous - the skeptic and seeker - don’t allow your sickness to keep you out. James brings up the word righteous, to remind us that there is only One who is righteous. “The righteous man” is the person who is fully aware of their unrighteousness, and is fully trusting in the person and work of the Righteous One, Jesus Christ!


James Part 11 - How To Win In Suffering

August 20, 2017

James Part 11 - Whether it's in relationships, emotions, finances, your job or even in your home, there are times and situations where we experience suffering and pain. During these times where or who do we look to? How do we get through the pain of suffering? It's important to know not only how to get through suffering, but to make it sustainable and not temporary. 


James Part 10 - How To Be Rich

August 13, 2017

James Part 10 - Many of us are focused on becoming rich, and we haven’t considered how to be rich. How will we act when we have money? Truthfully, the problem isn’t a lack of cash, it’s a lack of character. James gives us some healthy warning on how more money can lead to more problems if we don’t understand money’s true purpose. There is hope in knowing that God gives us money so we can share.