Better Part 5 - Proud Eyes

March 18, 2018

Better Part 5 - All throughout our day, there are opportunties for us to look down on other people. We elevate ourseleves because of what we've done, who we are, where we come from, our beliefs, or any reason we can find to say, "I'm better and more deserving than you are." Nationalism, racism, sexism, and a whole bunch of other "ism's" exist. God hates it. And so do you! Jonah was so proud of his Jewish background, that he could not celebrate God loving people who hurt him and were not like him. He would rather die, than live in a world with his enemies. We discover that Jesus came to this world to die, so that his enemies could live. God asked Jonah, "Can I show mercy to all people?" That is the question each of us have to answer today.


Better Part 4 - Pound High Five

March 11, 2018

Better Part 4 - We all have areas of our life that we desperately try to control. We can't imagine trusting God with our relationships, time, or money. Why don't we trust God? Because of our view of Him. Today we see in the story of Abraham and Isaac that Abraham chose to open his hand and trust God because he believed God would provide. When we open our hand, we are able to experience the provision of God and live a life free of worry.


Better Part 3 - How Much

March 4, 2018

Better Part 3 - All relationships involve pain. What do you do when there is a fracture between you and someone else? How do you fix it? The only fix is forgiveness. We can have so many reasons not to forgive someone. Today, we discover the one reason to forgive. Forgiven people forgive people. The forgiveness that Jesus bought us is our reason to forgive and fix the fractures around us.


Better Part 2 - You or Me

February 25, 2018

Better Part 2 - At some point in your life, maybe someone told you "God loves you." You might have read it on a flyer, or on a poster at a baseball game, or maybe a family member or friend told you that. You hear it a lot, but do you believe it? Today we explore what it means to personally believe, "God loves me." That truth is life-changing. We look at the story of Adam and Eve and see what happens when we forget that truth. Thankfully, when the great lie, "God doesn't love you" entered the world, so did the God's greater truth, "Yes I do!"


Better Part 1 - Every Page

February 18, 2018

Better Part 1 - Insecurity and confusion are normal emotions. We constantly wonder, "Am I good enough? Do they like me? Why don't I understand?" That's how we relate to other people, and how we relate to God. The reason why we feel insecure is because we are focused on ourselves. If we change the focus, insecurity dies. Too often we approach God, faith, church, and the Bible and focus on us. But Jesus said, "Everything is about me." By realizing that every page, every command, and every story is about Jesus, we are free from our insecurity and confusion. We can begin to live free lives.


Vision Night 2018

February 13, 2018

On Tuesday, February 13, 2018, we gathered to celebrate all that God did in 2017, and cast vision for where we are going as a church in 2018! 


Home Part 4 - The Foundation

February 11, 2018

Home Part 4 - Your relationship with your parents is foundational to every other relationship. We were born looking for their acceptance, love, and approval. The problem is that we can't receive those things unconditionally from any person. When we don't get what we need, we refuse to honor mom and dad. This impacts how we relate to others and God. In Jesus, we are invited to know a perfect Father who loves and accepts unconditionally because of the work of Christ. We are free to remove our parents as "god" in our lives, and begin honoring them.



Home Part 3 - Two To Four

February 4, 2018

Home Part 3 - Marriages start to breakdown when we fix our eyes on the behavior of our spouse. On your wedding day, you may have said a short two word sentence that over time has the potential to turn into a four word sentence, "I do -> I do, if you." These conditions kill commitment. If you are looking for something different than a condition driven marriage, consider God's view on marriage, conditions and commitments. 




Home Part 2 - Home Life

January 28, 2018

Home Part 2 - Your way of living shapes your home life. Home life impacts your quality of living and ability to share Jesus with others. The atmosphere of your home is shaped by the choices you make. The way you live creates your home life. Your home life impacts your quality of life and your ability to share Jesus and His love with others. What is your home life like? Is it pleasing to God? What if we all took a step towards a better home life by recognizing that only the power of God Himself can produce self-control that lasts in us for a better home life. 


Home Part 1 - From Love

January 21, 2018

Home Part 1 - Imagine your home being filled with peace. Joy. Hope. Love. In order to have this, today, we are going to lay a foundation for the kind of love that Christians know and live out. If you aren’t a Christian, my hope is that you leave today wanting to know Jesus. Wanting this unique kind of love to be alive in your home. If you are a Christian, I know that you will be stirred with joy as we look at the rich love of Jesus and how it has now become our type of love.