Status Update

June 17, 2018

Father's Day: Status Update - We are an overworked society. Why do feel the need to let everyone know about how much we work? Why is it so hard to take a day off? Today we consider that the reason why we struggle with rest is because we've attched our identity and worth to our work. It is not just a job - it is who we are. In Jesus we find rest. He calls us and invites to Himself, so that we can work and keep our identity and worth in Him!


Life 101, Week 7: Better Home & Gardens

June 10, 2018

Life 101, Week 7: Better Home & Gardens - When we consider following Jesus, we can lean into knowing or doing. Is belief in Jesus about knowing more, or doing more? As Jesus concluded his message on the mountain, He taught a very important point: Discovering with doing is desutructive. The foundations that we need to survive the storms of life is to know Jesus AND do what He's given us to do.


Life 101, Week 6: How To Get What You Want

June 3, 2018

Life 101, Week 6: How To Get What You Want - It is very easy to go through life comparing what you have or don't have to the people around you. We attempt to get what we want by looking in another person's "cart" Imagine being free to love the people around, without judging them. Jesus taught us to "yank the plank" and He gave us the key to get what we want: "Do what you want." This is a different way to live.


Life 101, Week 5: Careless In The Care of God

May 27, 2018

Life 101, Week 5: Careless In The Care of God - Anxiety is no stranger to any of else. We all know what it feels like to face a situation, and lean into anxiety. Jesus shared a message and provided another option for us. He did not promise that everything would be alright. He didn't say that anxiety disqualifies us from knowing God as Father. He said that as God's children, we have the gift of trusting our Father Who has promised to add all things to us. How would your life change if you faced your mountain with faith? Discover who you are and Who God is, and embrace a new way of living. 


Life 101, Week 4: Good Theatre

May 20, 2018

Life 101, Week 4: Good Theatre - Being good is good, but why be good? What motivates you to be good? Jesus wants us to live our best lives, and that means having a WHY when it comes to goodness. He made three "when you" statements regarding giving, praying, and fasting. What motivates us is the Father's amazing affection.


Bring It To Jesus

May 13, 2018

Bring It To Jesus - Are you carrying a situation or a feeling? Has it been years? Is the pain new? Jesus calls us to bring "it" to Him. He is willing to come close to our mess, to make us new. Today we read a story of two people who brought what they had to Jesus, and He did what only He can do. Who do you bring "it" to? How would your life change, if you brought it to Him.


ARCHIVE: A Song For Freedom

May 6, 2018

This past Sunday we had the privilege of being taught by Pastor Andy Stanley of North Point Church. 

Here is a message that Pastor Keith shared on March 12, 2017: "A Song For Freedom"


Life 101, Week 3: Just Like Dad

April 29, 2018

Life 101, Week 3: Just Like Dad - Every person is on a joruney to know God. As image-bearers, we want to know the God who made us. But what do we do with what we read and hear? Do we minimize the law, and simply try to do our best? Do we legalize it, and strive to complete every detail? Jesus makes knowing God possible by perfectly fulfilling the law. We can be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect, because of Jesus the perfect Son of God.


Life 101, Week 2: The Science of Sharing Faith

April 22, 2018

Life 101, Week 2: The Science of Sharing Faith - Jesus came to this world to be your personal Savior. When we confuse our personal Savior with a private Savior, we lose our purpose. Our reason for living is to know Jesus and make Jesus known to others. In His first public message, Jesus explains how that happens by using the examples of salt and light. 


Life 101, Part 1: Blessed Are…

April 15, 2018

Life 101, Part 1: Blessed Are... - Determination can only get us so far. We can try as hard as we want, but we are often presented with just two options when determination has run its course: defeat or dependence. Can we be determined enough to know God? To experience His blessings? In Jesus' first public message, he began by laying out a path for us to walk on to know the blessings of God. When we depend on Jesus, we receive everything He has promised us!