Brand New - Inheritance

May 21, 2017

Brand New Part 5. All of us are searching for hope. The problem is, everything around us has an expiration date. The hope of the Gospel is this: "There's more for me, beyond what I see." God in his great mercy has made a new birth available to all people. We receive a brand new inheritance that will never expire!


  1. Reflect: Are you currently satisfied by what you have, or are you longing for something more? 
  1. Write: What are you hoping for? What thing or experience do you need in order to feel satisfied?

  2. Read: Luke 12:13-21. In this story, Jesus reminds of the reality of expiration dates.
  3. Do: Encourage someone who is going through a challenging moment. Share with them the good news of an eternal inheritance that is found in Jesus!
  4. Pray: Adore God for making a brand new inheritance available to you by his great mercy! Admit that the expiring inheritances around you tend to capture your heart way too often. Aspire to remember the hope that you have in Jesus when trials inevitably come.

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