The Journey - A Song For Freedom

March 12, 2017

The Journey Part 1 - Sometimes our biggest problem is admitting we have a problem. We have been conditioned to believe that confession will be met with closed arms. We hide our sin, and our bodies end up wasting away. But confession is possible because forgiveness is promised. Find freedom today in the open arms of Jesus!


  1. Reflect: Think about a time when you hid something from someone. How did you feel? Would you say you felt free or trapped?
  2. Write: Definitions are important. Spend some time defining the following words: Problem, Mistake, Weakness, Flaw, and Sin. Do you think it matters which word we use when we talk about confession?
  3. Read: 2 Samuel 11. This was the sin that David refused to confess. He carried this with him, and continued to waste away. The promise of forgiveness brought freedom to David!
  4. Do: Forgiveness survey: Ask the people around you a simple question: “Do you think it’s easy for people to forgive?” Let the answers you discover remind you of God’s promise to forgive!
  5. Pray: Adore God for being so forgiving! His forgiveness never ends! Admit that it’s easy to hide our sin at times. Aspire to embrace the forgiveness of God today and to share that forgiveness with others!

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