Bring Part 3 - Beautiful Feet

January 14, 2018

Bring Part 3 - Beautiful Feet: Everyone has the right to pursue happiness. The story of society is to focus on you. That is best way to be happy. The problem is that we don't know many selfish, happy people. Even if we try focusing on others, we can still make the motivation to make us feel good. Today we discover a new story. The story of God registering our names in heaven because of the work of Jesus. This story is life changing. And it propels us to be bringers: people who bring people to Jesus. We see that the greatest way to pursue happiness is not found in focusing on us, but in bringing other people to Jesus.


Bring Part 2 - You Never Know

January 7, 2018

Bring Part 2 - There is a lot of uncertainty connected to Jesus. Often we are unsure about bringing someone to church, because we do not know if they will say yes. Or maybe, we don't bring Jesus up in conversation, because we are uncertain if someone will ask us a hard question. But what if we took that uncertainty and moved it a better place. What if we were uncertain about the impact that someone will have for Jesus! Andrew, one of the first disciples, brought his brother Simon to Jesus and it completely changed his life. You never know the impact that someone will have for Jesus. 


Bring Part 1 - Scandal

December 31, 2017

Bring Part 1 - When we consider the story of God, we use certain words to describe it. Love. Hope. Forgiveness. But what about scandal? The story of God is the most scandalous story humanity knows. It is the story of the broken, the dirty, the wrong, the abandoned, and the overlooked being invited along with all of humanity into a relationship with the Creator. When we realize how scandalous this story is, we discover it’s beauty and power. These truths propel us to be people who bring others the message, so they can have the opportunity to respond to God’s amazing invitation!


Unforgettable Christmas Part 4 - The Plan

December 24, 2017

Unforgettable Christmas Part 4 - Everyone has a plan. For our marriages. For our children. For our health. For our finances. And everyone knows that life doesn't always go the way we plan for it to go. What do you do when life doesn't play nice? If you live for your plans, you will die for your plans, and you may even kill for your plans. But while every plan around us will expire, God's plan of love will not. Jesus died and came back to life to give us a plan to live for! Even if everything stops, we know that God's love won't!


Unforgettable Christmas Part 3 - The List

December 17, 2017

Unforgettable Christmas Part 3 - From an early age, we are taught by personal experiences (positive or negative) and what we see in culture, that an unforgettable Christmas means getting what we want. Maybe you have a story of a Christmas where you didn’t get what you wanted, and you can remember how deflating that felt. Is it really safe to put our hopes and expectations of fulfillment on getting? Is that the best place to find purpose? What if an unforgettable Christmas could be made not by getting, but by giving? While you may not have control over what you receive, you certainly have the ability to control what you give. This Christmas, let’s make it unforgettable by using our time and money to impact people around us.


Unforgettable Christmas Part 2 - Perfectly Imperfect

December 10, 2017

Unforgettable Christmas Part 2 - We are in the business of "prettying" up our lives. We do our best to control the circumstances around us. Perfection may not be our reality, but it has become our standard. The truth is, we are looking to our situations to be our savior. Unfortunately, temporary things that are out of control, can't save anyone. Somehow we started to believe that an unforgettable Christmas occurs when perfect situations happen. But if that is true, then the first Christmas should have never happened! Today we discover that a perfect Savior is greater than our imperfect situations. Because of Jesus, even if our horizontal realities don't change, we can have the best Christmas eve. 


Unforgettable Christmas Part 1 - Failing Christmas

December 3, 2017

Unforgettable Christmas Part 1 - Peace. Joy. Goodwill. These are the words we hear, read, and sing during the Christmas season. But what about the word failure? While that may not make it on to a greeting card, it has made its way into many of our stories. This season has the potential to remind us of our failures more than any other time of the year. We remember relationships that ended. We feel the weight of not being able to buy gifts. Many of us are defined by our failures. On the first Christmas, a group of failures were invited to see Jesus. Through their story, we discover that Jesus’ success is greater than our failures! Christmas is unforgettable when we choose to be defined by what Jesus did!


Pray Like Jesus Part 4 - Prayer Buddies

November 26, 2017

Pray Like Jesus Part 4 - Community is hard for us. We typically guard ourselves from other people, because we are afraid of being hurt. We present the very best of ourselves on social media, and we use filters to distort what’s really going on. You were created for humble and honest community! Imagine how different your life would be if you could be real with another person? If someone could pray with you and walk with you through hard moments in life? Today we conclude our series on prayer by seeing how Jesus chose to include some close friends in one of the hardest moments of His life. His decision to be humble and honest leads us to do the same thing with people around us.


Pray Like Jesus Part 3 - The Fast Lane

November 19, 2017

Pray Like Jesus Part 3 - Jesus invites us to a new way of fasting where “want-to” replaces “have-to” because the Bridegroom has come!


Pray Like Jesus Part 2 - What Do You Want

November 12, 2017

Pray Like Jesus Part 2 - Asking God for things is a normal part of prayer. For many people, it is the definition of prayer. But how do we respond when God doesn’t seem influenced by our requests? What do you do when the person you prayed for, passes away anyway? Maybe you believe prayers aren’t answered because there isn’t enough faith. Maybe it’s because of sin. Or maybe, God doesn’t answer prayer because God isn’t real or good. Jesus asked God for something, and He didn’t get what He wanted. But He had three words that reminded Him of absolute truths about God and prayer. Knowing what Jesus knew guards us when prayers go unanswered.