Thankful Life Part 3: Pecan Pie // Keith Indovino

November 18, 2018

It is so easy to forget to give thanks for what we have. Why? Because too often we are focused on what we don’t have. We trade our attitude of gratitude away for just an attitude. When we stop celebrating and start complaining, we go from being thankFULL to being thankLESS. Jesus came to give us a new way to live. Followers of Jesus are marked by gratitude because we know God has given us all we need in His Son. Are you chasing something that will end? Recognize the limits of that thing and live a thankFULL life in Jesus!


Thankful Life Part 2: Joy To Your World // Keith Indovino

November 11, 2018

Joy is a theme we see repeated over and over during the holidays. But can joy come to YOUR world? Can you have joy even when you suffer? The holidays can remind us of how our lives aren’t the way we want. In those moments, followers of Jesus have a beautiful inheritance that can never be taken away. Our joy comes from knowing “there is more for me than what I see.” We can enjoy things that attempt to give us joy by remembering that our true joy is found in Jesus! 


Thankful Life Part 1: Dear Money, I Don’t Love You // Keith Indovino

November 4, 2018

Black Friday has become a major holiday. It’s purpose is to push us towards getting more money so we can buy more things. Have you ever wondered what God thinks about money? Does He hate it? Does He love it? Are Christians supposed to be rich or poor? Discover a way to avoid financial regret this holiday season by looking at the advice the apostle Paul gave to a young pastor named Timothy. You can follow Jesus and have money; you cannot follow money and have Jesus.


Super Zeroes Part 4: Faith Overrides Fear // Jonathan Bernor

October 28, 2018

The story of Samson is a story of God's grace and faithfulness. Samson was set apart to deliver Israel. He continued to fail over and over, but God never failed Him. Faith overrides failure when we believe what God has said, and we forget what God has forgotten. We do not live with shame or guilt. We have been set free!


Super Zeroes Part 3: The Negotiator // Keith Indovino

October 21, 2018

Are you good at bargaining? Maybe you know someone you’d call “a smooth-talker”. Many of us have attempted to talk God into giving us what we believe we most need. Too often though, when we think we’ve won and convinced God to do what we want, we actually lose. God knows what’s best for us. You cannot talk yourself into what God wants to give you. What you and I most need is God Himself; His Son Jesus, and His Holy Spirit. Trusting God is the greatest way for us to fulfill our calling. 


Super Zeroes Part 2: God’s Stage // Keith Indovino

October 14, 2018

Everyday is filled with moments where we attempt to prove our worth and strength to others. Living this way makes us very aware of our limits and weaknesses. To compensate for our weakness, we try harder or deny they exist. But what if we could embrace our weakness? Could good come from being weak? God called a man named Gideon when he was at his weakest. God displayed his strength through Gideon. Your weakness is a stage for God to perform on. Like Paul, we boast in our weakness knowing that God’s power is on full display!


Super Zeroes Part 1: Better Together // Keith Indovino

October 7, 2018

We can accomplish way more together than we can on our own. Too often though, we allow insecurity, independence, and invincibility to stop us from investing what we have to help others. The life-changing message of Jesus will reach more people as more Jesus-followers decide to play their part in the body of Christ. The vertical team impacts the horizontal team! You have a gift that people need you to invest! 


Be The Greatest Part 5: The Finale // Keith Indovino

September 30, 2018

Forgiveness is not easy. Especially when someone has a history of hurting you. Is it even possible to continue forgiving someone? One of Jesus’ followers asked him how often he should forgive others. Jesus’ answers was: “Don’t keep track. Keep on forgiving.” The only way we can continue to forgive people is to daily remember how much God has forgiven us. Forgiveness means you pay the debt, and the debtor lives free. The greatest person you can be is a forgiving person.


Be The Greatest Part 4: The Fight // Keith Indovino

September 23, 2018

Hurt people hurt people. How do you react when another Jesus follower sins against you? The fourth principle Jesus gave us to being the greatest is all about how we treat other believers when they hurt us. He specifically outlines the who, the when, the what and the why behind His principle. When we embrace commitment, we become truly great. The greatest people are the greatest fighters. But they don’t fight WITH others, they fight FOR others! 


Be The Greatest Part 3: The Chase // Keith Indovino

September 16, 2018

Have you ever wished you could hear God speak? Maybe you’ve asked God to flicker the lights, so you’d know He’s there. Is God still loving even when you choose the wrong actions and attitudes? When followers of Jesus wander, God chases them. We can be certain of greatness, because our greatness is His! We have full certainty as a follower of Jesus that even on our darkest days, our Savior is pursuing us. He is constantly speaking to us in four primary ways: Creation, His Word, His Spirit, and the Church.