James Part 3 - How To Live Free

June 25, 2017

James Part 3 - There is a desire in each one of us to live free. To do what we were created to do. To fulfill our passions and dreams. Society tells us that the best way live free is to remove restrictions and rules. To write our own code. Unfortunately, that path doesnt lead to freedom, but chaos. God has a different path for us. He says, "To live free, obey me." Today we discovered that the perfect law sets us free. How? Because Jesus, our perfect law keeper, is our substitute. 

  1. Reflect: How do you define religion? Do you think religion is a good thing? How does James define religion in James 1:26-27?
  2. Write: How have you experienced obedience leading to blessing and freedom in your own life?
  3. Read: Matthew 7:24-27. Jesus taught on what James wrote about. He told the crowds that a wise person will hear and do what the law says. Is your foundation a rock or sand?
  4. Do: James said genuine religion is controlling your speech, caring for those in need, and following God’s standards, not cultures. Practice genuine religion today. Speak kindly to someone. Provide for them. Live differently so others will want to know God’s love!
  5. Pray: Pray about “soul corruption” this week. Ask God to show you ways you might be getting “corrupted” by the world.

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