James Part 5 - How To Make Faith Work

July 9, 2017

James Part 5 - Believing something and claiming something is great. But we all know a belief that isn't lived out isn't real. Saying you believe in something, but not doing something about it is silly and pointless. How different would your life be if you could KNOW "This is what it looks like to have faith in Jesus. This is how I know what I believe is real." James was concered about the Christians he knew. He wanted them to know how to make faith work. Really work. 

  1. Consider: What visible evidence is there that your faith isn’t simply “I’ll pray for you” or “I know that”?
  2. Reflect: Do you have a more confident conscious or a more tender one? Are you reflecting by focusing on your failures or successes?
  3. Read: Genesis 22 and Judges 2. Abraham and Rahab each demonstrated visible faith by acting.
  4. Do: Can you put yourself on a regular schedule of volunteering with some ministry or charity? Tutoring each week? Staffing a soup kitchen each month? Doing a work day once a quarter? Don’t just think about doing these things. Plan something and do it. 
  5. Pray: Thank God that all people are invited to know Him and can have their sins forgiven through Jesus Christ. Ask the Holy Spirit to develop a faith that works in your life. 

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